Sunday, 29 April 2007

Panorama on thursday

Call me sceptical, but why is the emotive subject of failures in the NHS midwifery service being shown on Thursday night (just before the polls close) and not on Monday instead. I cannot help but think that the BBC will do anything to soften any bad news for NU Labour

Friday, 27 April 2007

"Scoop of the Century"

On Sky news the PM was asked whether he would indeed be stepping down next week - His answer was that he was not going to give them the "Scoop of the Century". Does he really think that his resignation (which lets face it is hardly mind blowingly new news) would be that Scoop - the man is completely deluded!!!!!

Loss of faith?

Bearing in mind the mess at the NHS (super comuter useless, MTAS dister, increase in superbugs, sheets not being cleaned inbetween patiets to save money) the Home Office ( leaks, prisoners on the run, prisoners being compensated for human rights abuses, the state of the immigration service) DEFRA (farmers still not being paid whilst useless civil servants get bonuses) the FCO (margaret beckett in charge - what else can you say!) is it any surprise that people are being turned off from politics when none of these problems are considered urgent or serious enough for any of the people in charge to carry the can and resign! Even the PM himself is apparently going to stand down in order to deflect even worse news (how much worse can it get?) perhaps I had better not speak to soon things probably can only descend further with Mr Broon and his scottish mafia in charge!!!

Sunday, 22 April 2007

Cash for honours

So if the Met's file to the CPS is only 216 pages long I would hope in a well run, efficient bureaucracy, that charges should be made by the end of the week - after all how long can it possibly take for a document that so short to be digested and acted upon!

Tuesday, 17 April 2007

Quote of the day yesterday

Kate Hoey in yesterday's debate on the Naval debacle said,

"I genuinely want to ask him, because it is the sort of question that the public will be asking, if a Secretary of State has made mistakes and admits that he has done something wrong, what sort of mistake does it take for him then to decide that he should offer his resignation?"

Exactly. In this government it appears no one has to be honourable enough to resign - and if for some obscure reason they do so then they are usually given another job in government within a few months! This government will no doubt urge us and the media to "move on" so that they can "get on with the job" and no doubt move on to bigger and better cock ups!

NHS super computer - or not!

There is quite alot in the press today about the NHS computer system which is the subject of a report out today. The telegraph has an interesting piece by Richard Bacon who serves on the PAC I bet that the 12billion wasted on this will not get anything like the publicity on the BBC or other news networks that the Olympic Budget got. At least at the end of 2012 we will finally have some top class sporting venues in the this country - not to mention the high speed rail link to stratford and the regeneration of the east end. I would much rather money was "wasted"on that project than on this computer system that will never work and was never wanted by the people that are expected to use it.

Sunday, 15 April 2007

Gordon ignores experts advice again

No surprises that Gordon has ignored Bank of England advice and sold our gold from under us for a song - I can't help thinking that anything is up for grabs at a discount as far as he is concerned. Why however has the BBC chosen to ignore this story? I cannot find any mention of it in the BBC news website and I have not heard it mentioned on News 24 either, it is all over the papers and on Sky News and ITV news website - if he has to answer questions on parliament about it the BBC should be on the case. Yet again they are ignoring a story that is damaging to Broon and the Government.